Fundraisers For Non Profit Organizations

Have you been searching for fundraisers for non profit organizations?
If so, we have just what you are looking for! We have a growing list of restaurants
that are our Fundraising Partners. They are committed to providing your school,
church, civic organization and nonprofit with a simple way to fundraise.
These Fundraising Partners offer a discount food card that is worth $50 – $150 in
FREE and discounted food that can be sold for $10. Your  group keeps $6 for every
card sold. Our 60 day fundraisers are simple and effective for big and small groups.

We specialize in fundraisers for non profit organizations and would love to help you
raise funds for your group. Click on the logo of any of our available Fundraising Partners
to go directly to their page to order cards for your group today. We only charge for
shipping and handling
and send you an invoice at the end of your 60 day fundraiser.
With no upfront cost it makes it SIMPLE for your nonprofit to raise money!

Cicis PizzaPizza Shoppe

Wheat State Pizza

Buzzard's Pizza

Call us at 816-841-7828 or email us at for more info. Start raising funds today!

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