How It Works

We make fundraising simple by bringing local and national brands together within the community to make them easily accessible to nonprofit or charitable organizations.

It’s really very simple. We create an exclusive Punch Card for each restaurant that includes 10 great discount offers. The nonprofits sell these cards for $12 a piece, keep $6.00 per card and make a 50% profit! We offer these cards with the only upfront cost of shipping and handling and give them 30 days to sell before settling up. We make fundraising simple!

Are you a nonprofit looking to raise money? Great!
You can start raising money in three simple steps.
Step 1: Enter your zip code to find fundraising brands near you.
Step 2: Select a Fundraising Partner for your group.
Step 3: Order 100-500 cards for your group to sell and start raising funds today! The only fee you pay upfront is the shipping and handling to get the cards to you.

It’s that simple! Click HERE to enter your zip code and find your closest Fundraising Partner or read through our FAQ page for more details on how our program works.

Are you a restaurant group interested in our program? Great!
Our unique approach to fundraising management gives you more time, more customers and more money. We power the fundraiser by creating and printing all of the marketing materials for you to use and then we market your fundraising option to your community with a goal of 1000 new customers after one year. We become an added value to your current customers by setting up individual fundraisers for them and we bring you new customers through our community marketing. If you would like to talk to us about becoming a Fundraising Partner please EMAIL or call us at 816-569-0135.

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